Dec 23 19

Chaos in the Pulpit


In Revelation 2, Jesus rebuked the church at Thyatira. This church had many characteristics of modern apostate churches. One of these is leadership and exemplifies how dangerous it is for churches to depart from the standard in God’s word for choosing leaders.

            The Bible is clear on this subject, but largely ignored by those who ordain women into the office of pastor. This is not God’s intent as Paul wrote women must keep silent in the church. They are not permitted to instruct the assembly. They must be in submission according to the creational principle established when God made Adam first, and then rather than making a helpmate from the original ground, He took Eve from Adam’s side. She was taken from his side to show she could not be head over him.

            Our culture counters this with feminism and demands equality in every venue. The Bible is not against equality. Men and women are equal but serve in separate roles. Each is valuable in their sphere of influence but are chaotic outside of it. When women are chosen as pastors, it upsets God’s order and teaches people wrongly contributing to their misunderstanding and disobedience to scripture. Thus, this progressiveness (?) does not help but hinders. It degrades and destroys society.

            The teaching that women can fill the office of pastor feeds into the second problem at Thyatira which is dilution of doctrine. The choice of men as pastors is Bible doctrine, while subverting it is the doctrine of Satan. When the wrong person is in leadership, a plethora of bad doctrine ensues. Practically nothing is sacrosanct in the Christian faith, and all is subject to change according to time and culture.

            This could never be because God is unchangeable. If we admit to a change in doctrine, we are not safe. We must know correct doctrine to be saved, so where will we find it? Is it subjective according to a half-baked preacher who said he spoke to Jesus last night? What happens when another comes along and says, “No, Jesus spoke to me and said something different. Which way went the Spirit of the LORD from me to speak to thee?” (1 Kings 22:24). Do you see the problem? There are many battling prophets vying for the attention of the church with horribly bad doctrine. They say God spoke to them when God has not spoken (Deuteronomy 18:22).

            What is the solution? It can only be the objective infallible word of God. The Bible does not change. Since it was completed two thousand years ago, not one word has changed. This prevents changing doctrine. It prevents salvation by multiple means depending on the day of the week. No, God is consistent from day one. His word is settled forever in heaven.

            This church does not ignore the Bible nor tolerate those who do. Change in doctrine invites rebuke from the Lord. The modern church will stand in judgment for their perversions because each one keeps the truth of salvation from the ears of the people. The problem for them is they are not true churches. If you see a woman in the pulpit, you are looking at a deceitful imposter. These are counterfeits and are wicked at the highest level. They stand in pulpits in sanctuaries, a place that is trusted. Their lies will send people to hell.

            Beware of false teachers. They will destroy your soul.

                                                                        Pastor V. Mark Smith