Oct 24 16

Christ Beyond Understanding


Psalm 61

“From the end of the earth I will cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I.”  Never has a verse been a more heartfelt cry of dependence than this. In the worst of times when we feel we are literally at the end of the earth, with despair like the fear of dying and helpless to go on living, we cry out to the only sure refuge in our awful desperation. What do you do when your world is crushed in heartache and you feel utterly alone?

In the past few weeks, many have reached out to ask for prayer because they face these kinds of circumstances. They are overwhelmed in their grief and may not know what to say, but only to ask, pray for me. Overwhelmed, the burdens are too heavy and there is nothing on the inside that can ease the pain or make them lighter. It is in these times that we seek someone higher. Not a nameless undefined higher power, but a rock of refuge who has proved His ability time and time again. The rock David refers to is Jehovah God for never in scripture is any mortal man referred to as a rock. For who is God, save the LORD? and who is a rock, save our God? (2 Samuel 22:32)  This rock is none other than the Lord Jesus Christ, the spiritual Rock who is always there (1 Cor. 10:4).

David is filled with metaphors for the one who always sustained him. Christ is a rock, a shelter, a strong tower, a tabernacle, a winged cherub, and a king. We might as easily say He is all in all, the one who is everything and from us withholds nothing. It is impossible to remain in despair when we know such incredible help is always available.

Those of you that are most familiar with my favorite subjects might well suppose I would be drawn to verse 4 with its references to the tabernacle. The person of Christ shines no brighter in any place in scripture than in the building and articles of this sacred structure. David would dwell in the tabernacle forever for there he sees God as the covering of salvation. There is a door through which we reach the incomparable glories of Christ. The door is faith and it opens to a golden room where the Holy Spirit lightens the believer to a world never remotely imagined.

Here is Christ as the nourishment of life in the shewbread. He is the sweet smell of incense on the altar as He lifts our prayers to the Father. He is the mercy seat where atonement is selflessly made for our sins. There is no beauty like Him so that He defies any adequate description. In verse 6, Christ is the eternal king whose days are prolonged to provide unceasing intercession. As long as He lives we live, enabling us to perform our vows of worship to the one who deserves love and adoration beyond all others.

It is difficult to express the sentiments of this psalm until you have been to the lowest place and been lifted out. When you reach the bottom and there is nowhere to look but up, this is when Christ means more than you can ever imagine. If He is this lovely through sinful eyes, think how matchless He will be when we reach perfection! Like heaven itself it is too much for mortal comprehension. Christ beyond understanding must satisfy us for now.

Pastor V. Mark Smith