Jun 4 18

Every Day Is for God’s Glory


In the text of Revelation 21, the glory of God is depicted in the Bible’s consistent manner which is its connection with light. The New Jerusalem is a place of brilliant light because of the unveiled presence of God. That same light would blind us if God were not hidden from us by a spiritual veil.

Glory is an expression of God’s holiness which is essentially the aggregation of all God’s attributes. Everything God is can be summed up with glory which is why we consistently teach that all of creation exists for God’s glory. The creation is an extension of God which helps us understand why God is intent to restore the world to its original perfection.

In this article, I want to speak about how we glorify God. Fundamentally, the method is worship. Since we are created for the glory of God, everything we do must be centered on worship. You may think it is not possible or necessary to worship in everything because only church is the place of worship. However, the scripture says, “whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God” (1 Cor. 10:31). This means your work, your school, your home—wherever you are, is a place of worship.

I think we would all agree that of all places church is not a place for sin. Generally, we treat others better at church. We are friendlier at church. We are less likely to be angry at church, and we act like we care more at church. We pray, we sing, we read the Bible at church; and most of you will be sure to check your bad language at the door. I have pastored for a long time and although I have heard some bad language at times in church, I have yet to hear that anyone sat in the church service watching smutty videos on a smart phone. Why do we think God is only at church? More pointedly, why must worship be confined to church? I would submit if church is the only place you worship, the quality of your worship when you get here is very poor. We never have a pass on the glory of God and thus we do not have one on worship.

The biblical mindset for a Christian is to be alert, to be vigilant, to be holy, and to be ready. A song of praise or an utterance of worship should never be more than an instant thought away. Too often we think of church as the fulfillment of duty. We come to worship and get it over with and to finish our obligation. When the last amen is said at 12:30 on Sunday afternoon, we are through until next week.

This attitude is wonderfully changed when we get to heaven. It is objectionable to some because it seems far too boring to spend eternity in perpetual worship. And yet, heaven is the perfection of what we should be doing already. A perfect mind in heaven is locked on God’s purpose for us. When sin is completely removed, the mind can go nowhere else but to the glory of God. Perhaps this will help you understand that not worshiping at all times is sin. When you pat yourself on the back for the occasional good deed, are you really all that good? When we have done the best we can do, we’ve done nothing more than what we were told to do and what we were created for. There is no special commendation for the occasional good deed. You should always do the right thing.

This week think about worship. You don’t have to break out in song when you punch the time clock. You don’t have to preach a sermon at break. You just need to live in the light of God’s presence. Think on Christ and you will glorify God.